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Glisten Jewellery is a leading jewellery design studio and
retail store based in Napier, New Zealand, which specialises in beautiful hand made jewellery using exquisite coloured stones, diamonds and precious metals.


Founded by Gerard Smith and Janeen Kydd-Smith, Glisten Jewellery has carved out a niche market catering for bespoke and innovative jewellery design which meets the individual requirements of its discerning customers. Gerard has 27 years' experience as a qualified Manufacturing Jeweller and is a Graduate Gemmologist of the Gemmological Institute of America.  He has worked in New Zealand, The United States of America and England dealing in diamonds and making jewellery to clients' requirements. Gerard also works with mixed media using oil painted canvas with gold, platinum and gemstone elements as art pieces. His work has been shown internationally. For more information on the art work please visit


Glisten Jewellery uses the experience of its manufacturing staff and its contacts in the gemstone and diamond trade world wide to provide each customer with jewellery made to the highest standards. Our desire to listen to our customers means elements of their personalities come through in the finished commissioned work. The desire to make each piece unique also comes through with the “off the shelf “pieces we sell using the finest materials and innovative design.





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